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Flair Post is a hyperactive, self proclaimed "Meme Queen". She used to work at Canterlot's most prestigeous graphic design firm, until she decided to spend company time posting pictures of the princesses dressed as tacos. Shortly after being fired, Flair was given a new job by her friend, Gumdrop. She is now the graphic designer for the CanterlotKC convention


Cross Street is a pony that is native to Kansas City. He is a Pegasus with the strength of an Earth Pony that does all the heavy lifting for the con. He was the first employee to be hired by Gumdrop after she and Flair Post settled in Kansas City.


Gumdrop originally worked in Canterlot as a freelance artist and event organizer. She came down to Kansas City last year to help a friend of her's run a convention. When her friend moved away and had to shut the show down, Gumdrop decided to move to KC and take up the reigns where her friend left off.