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CanterlotKC and our Staff work very hard to maintain a positive, fun and safe environment, enjoyable for everyone. Please be aware that your participation at the event will be a visible sign that you share those goals, and identify you as a part of the community with the intention to follow the rules and regulations posted and listed in various areas to help the convention run smoothly.  However, CanterlotKC retains the rights in its sole discretion to refuse service to anyone for any reason, and to request that a person(s) be removed from the event and/or premises if, in the sole opinion of the CanterlotKC Chairman or Security Lead that said person(s) are conducting themselves in a detrimental, threatening, abusive, illegal or disruptive way toward the staff, individual members, or convention guests, or the convention community as a whole, generally creating a hostile environment.


All conduct should be of complete Respect for Everyone – CanterlotKC has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on illegal activities. The rules are here for everyone’s protection and will be strictly enforced as required.