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Welcome to CanterlotKC!


While we don't think we'll ever be able to financially attain another full event, we are looking into what it would take to hold mini events (or if you'd prefer, "glorified meetups"). We could go bowling, or find a private kareoke room. Have an outing at a park with grilling and music or something?? Maybe some "gala" styled fancier parties as well where we rent a ballroom in a community center, or hotel, and hold a dance party with our DJ friends! There are a ton of opportunities to look into. This will probably rely heavily on our Facebook page or Discord, where we can discuss ideas, and cost requirements, and then be turned into Facebook Events so that we have an idea of how many are interested and gather the funds from everyone to book the event (assuming there are fees at all, cause if we just do something at a local library's private meeting rooms that's free!) and get everything ready for the party!

Obviously there's a lot more research to be done.

We're looking into a Day at the Park for June 15th to get things started!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more info.